VJ Rio Raj

Rio well known famous for his show “suda suda Chennai” in sunmusic channel which is telecasting live from 9:00 am to 10:00 am. The show is all about the hot news of the Chennai but slowly moving forward it created the hype in the middle of audience which made the show to shoot the questions under the topic like “yen ippadi panreenga” that was under general topic like a question & answers session 😉 . So what made the people interesting about the programme which made to hit so much that was nothing other than rio hosting the show most of all people used to watch the show just for rio ❤ . What was that which made people to attract was the way of talking by him . The way he handles the people, the show is full of sarcasm, jokes, funny talks 😛 . The reaction for each comment rio gives which made to fall in love with him, people just loves that reaction (that thirutu muli 😛 😀 ) which was not dramatically made which was reality. He had done many shows like “kaloori kalam”, “coffee tea area”, “your attention please” . which was the show all of like interacting with the audience which was very fun to watch with but after suda suda Chennai rio hits the top position with all his cute reaction and talks :-\  🙂 . Which made channel engaged him with all the new shows coming up. Can’t forget to mention the technician behind the screen they play a well role in making rio hit may be that is one of the reason too (y) , all the comments thy play all of sudden which makes the situation perfect match 😉 they was the one who will make him to give all such reactions during the show 🙂 .

Whatever may be the commitment just can’t miss the show suda suda Chennai in sunmusic just for vj rio raj. He is the average looking guy 😛  😉 but as said talent matters he has won Vikatan Best Male VJ 2014 and hosted many other shows in many cities long way to go rio keep up 😉 we all love you for your work. 🙂


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